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    Welding Solutions

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    Auto Darkening

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    Your own
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    Receive 45% Discount on our latest 100V Welding Helmets!
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Typically, professional welders know about the hazards to their eyes and faces. But other hazards - like welding fumes - are sometimes not so well known. It is the responsibility of the employer to identify the hazards in a work environment, and to provide the workers with adequate protection. Hazards must be adequately explained. Then ideally the choice of protective equipment can be made after a joint consultation between employers and employees. Thank you for visiting our website, view our extensive products and give us a call today!

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    • Identify the Hazards

      Identify the Hazards

      Make a list of all the hazards in your welding environment (radiation, sparks, fumes, noise, trip hazards, falling objects.etc)
    • Assess Risk Levels

      Assess Risk Levels

      By evaluating every hazard, you can prioritize their mitigation. download our catalogue for full information or consult a professional health & safety engineer.
    • Select the right Equipment

      Select the right Equipment

      Determine your protection based on equipment type (e.g. eye, face, head, hearing), the level of protection needed to work in a specific application and your users' preference.
    • Training, Motivation & Maintenance

      Training, Motivation & Maintenance

      For maximum benefit from our products, it pays to focus on user acceptance and proper use. 3M can help offering various methods to learn more - contact us for info.

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